Welcome to my new digs!

I hope to have more content soon.  In the meantime, please, have some spring!

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15 thoughts on “Welcome to my new digs!

  1. My hook or by crook, I’ll be first in this book! 😉

    • Welcome! Obviously the place needs a lot more work, but I’ll get there eventually.

      • Well I guess someone found an import option . Thought for a second you’d gone crazy & posted 177 entries.

        Looking good!

  2. Only over the last two years. It still needs some work, but I’m getting there.

  3. filkferengi

    Have you gotten someone on LJ [with a paid account] to set up a feed? That way, I can just add it to my f-list.

    If nothing else, this looks worlds easier to comment on, possibly because other authors I follow use this site.


    • I haven’t. I don’t really know who to ask [wry g].

      I think this is going to work out better than Blogger, at any rate (well, I know it is, after the trick Blogger pulled).

      Now I just need to get some new content up!

      • filkferengi

        Iirc, sraun has set up feeds for folks before. You could always ask [especially now, when he’s so euphoric about the new doggie].

  4. nlbarber

    I set up an LJ feed for you (and Jerrie): http://repeating-hist.livejournal.com/
    Still haven’t gotten around to moving from LJ to DW, or elsewhere. So catch me up–what changes has Blogger made? A URL is fine–work has been crazy, and I’m behind reading my feeds and haven’t made a blog post at Blogger or LJ in months.

    • Thank you, Nancy! I will put it on my main page so those who wish to subscribe that way can.

      In a nutshell, Blogger has introduced a new dashboard interface that is not compatible with versions of IE below 9, and the old dashboard is going away by the end of May. Since those of us still using XP cannot upgrade IE beyond version 8, this makes Blogger unusable without changing browser brands to suit them. I have a constitutional aversion to being dictated to (as well as not wanting to spend the money to upgrade my OS yet), so I left. If you’re using Windows 7, you shouldn’t have a problem.

      • nlbarber

        Mac user here, so that issue doesn’t affect me.

        My most immediate problem is to decide on a new location for my handful of Web pages that will be homeless when Apple’s MobileMe goes away at the end of June. I may try WordPress, though as I’ve got blogs at Blogger and LJ/DW and don’t see the need for a third, I may be better with a straight hosting service. Got to do some more thinking on that one.

      • filkferengi

        I’ve missed you posting on LJ. How’ve you been?

  5. Ah. I use a straight hosting service (the space allotted to me as part of my ISP contract, actually) for my static webpages. And GoDaddy for domain registration. I hate their ads, but they do a good, cheap job.

  6. nlbarber

    My web pages started on my ISP site, 2 ISPs ago, and then I thought MobileMe would be the ‘stable’ alternative. Didn’t count on Apple rethinking that one… So, I could stick the pages on the Comcast space I assume I have as part of my cable Internet contract, but I think I’d rather get control and at least register a domain name so the URL will change no more. (Not that I’ve got a lot of content there, but still.)

    You did prompt me to go look at Comcast’s support pages, but it looks like they don’t do domain name hosting. I’ll go back to researching page hosting/name registration options.

  7. nlbarber

    Jerrie: as I said above, work has been crazy since last fall, with lots of deadlines and travel. Then I snuck in 3 short vacation trips over the winter/early spring to put even more crunch into the work deadlines. It’s got to ease up one of these days, then maybe I’ll get back to some blogging.

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